Pride Elevates

Pride Elevates

Presented by Auckland Pride

Presented by Auckland Pride

The first year of Pride Elevates was simply to begin the process of better
resourcing and presenting Queer work in partnership with artists, the theme being the very act of programming itself. The second year further envisions how this programme might sit in conversation with the festival’s current theme: Ki Tua/Beyond Paradise.

We have chosen artists for Pride Elevates that toy with notions of world-building or false utopias. We have afrofuturist narratives, we have the colonial image of the Wild West, we have futures not yet in existence, as well as past periods thrust into the present, projects that build images towards Paradise lost or found. We have works and projects that contain an attempt to move towards Paradise in their processes. 

As well as curating artists around the theme, we have developed Pride Elevates by further recognising artists as those who have established practices that have shaped our community (Established) and those who we see as the future of tomorrow (Emerging).


The Bloom | 13 - 17 February, 7pm & 17 February, 12pm

The Perfect Image | 20 - 24 February, 7pm


Club Waack | 3 February | 9.30pm 

Legacy Seven | 7 - 10 February | 8pm

Ungartered Territory | 7 - 10 February | 8.30pm

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre | 17 February | 5pm - 11pm

The Butterfly Who Flew into the Rave | 20 - 24 February | 8pm

Dimensions in Black (play reading) | 25 February | 1pm

Cowboy Dreaming  | 27 February - 2 March | 6.30pm



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