Festival FAQs

  • When is the festival taking place?

    The Auckland Pride Festival will take place between 1st - 26th February 2023.

  • Where is the festival located?

    Festival events will take place across Tāmaki Makaurau, with major events taking place in central city and South Auckland. A full list of venues can be found here

  • Who do I contact for media enquiries?

    Our Executive Director, Max Tweedie: [email protected]

  • Can I perform at the festival?

    If you wish to produce and present an event, there's still time! Festival registrations and funding applications are still open until December 11th. 

    If you want to perform at one of our major events, you can contact Creative Director Nathan Joe at [email protected] (however, please note that our lineup is mostly full!)

  • Can I volunteer for the festival?

    We will be launching volunteer registrations soon!

  • I’d like to become a partner of the festival, who can I contact?

    We'd love to discuss becoming a partner of the Auckland Pride Festival! Contact Executive Director, Max Tweedie on [email protected] for more information including a partnership prospectus.

  • What does it cost to attend?

    The majority of events in the Auckland Pride Festival will be free, including Major Events such as Te Tīmatanga, Big Gay Out, samesame but Different, as well as the Pride March and Pride in the Square.

    Some events, such as many arts and theatre events, are ticketed to ensure they can go ahead and to provide support for our incredible queer artists and creators in Tāmaki Makaurau. 

  • Is the Gala taking place in 2023?

    Auckland Pride has made the decision to not go ahead with the Gala in 2023. Instead of a one night show, we wanted to invest in the incredible artists that would make up our Gala lineup - and directly resource them instead. This ensures we're investing in a more sustainable arts sector that nurtures talent and elevates excellence. You can donate to Pride Elevates here