RM Gallery


Samoa House Lane
Auckland Central 1010

RM is an artist-run space, project office and archive.

Based in Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau, New Zealand, RM is a gallery that places the work of local emerging artists alongside more seasoned practitioners. RM seeks to engage with the practices, discourses and modes of presentation that aren’t well-supported or easily accessible in Auckland.

Though we might look like a white cube, we are more interested in the potentials of an empty room – a space to gather, to think, to talk, to make, to share…

Established in 1997, RM is the country’s longest running artist-run-space. The current members of the cooperative are Samantha Cheng, Nina Dyer, Wesley John Fourie, Ardit Hoxha, Guilio Laura, Sally McMath, Li Si Rong, Karen Rubado, Taarn Scott, Mark Schroder, Rebecca Steedman and Sophie Sutherland. Previous incarnations of the rm project have included rm3, rm212, rm401 and rm103.


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