Love In Transition Pt 2: Medical Transition “physical transformation”

Love In Transition Pt 2: Medical Transition “physical transformation”

Sunday 21 February, 2.45pm - 3.30pm

Studio One, Toi Tū  1 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Free Event

There is a lot of info out there about transgender parent and child relationships, but there’s shocking little about how a transitioning partner can impact romantic and/or intimate relationships. This two part workshop is for trans and gender diverse people and/or those who love them (trans or cis) with a lens for queering relationships in new and exciting directions while navigating a lot of change. It’s for any gender, sexual/asexual, solo/mono/poly relationship style, in or out of any relationship. While friends, family, and poly “pod-mates” are welcome to come, it will be focused on romantic attachment and sexual activity will be mentioned in Part 2. You can attend one or both at your discretion.

Topics for Love in Transition Part 2: Medical Transition “physical transformation”

  • HRT on the body: Hair, Skin, Body Shapes, Function
  • HRT on the brain: Affection, Conflict, Repair
  • Truth & Fantasy, Fetish & Reality
  • Grieving loss, Re-defining Attraction
  • Adult Consent in “Second Puberty”
  • Sexual Diversity in Uncharted Territory
  • Dysphoric obstacles, Euphoric discoveries

Ren (trans non-binary, they/them pronouns) and Willow Lunicke (transgender woman, she/her pronouns) are a long term queer couple with a polyamorous relationship who have navigated many aspects of social and medical transition together. *While they have consulted certified clinical psychologists, neither of them hold those certifications and their opinions are not a replacement for professional medical advice.

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Due to the announcement that Auckland moved to Alert Level Two on the 17th, this event is cancelled. Festival COVID-19 Information ›

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