Letting In/Closing Out

Letting In/Closing Out

Wednesday 24 February, 6pm

Ellen Melville Centre  2 Freyberg Place, Auckland Central
Free Event

A panel discussion platforming perspectives and experiences of “coming out” for queer/rainbow ethnic young people.

This opportunity draws from the research with queer/rainbow ethnic young people on their relationships with family, community and intimate partners. The first part in the series is rooted in the premise of carving out spaces of wellness and wholeness across the queer and ethnic communities to uplift queer/rainbow ethnic minorities living in Aotearoa.

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Ellen Melville Centre is fully accessible.

This is a POC only event

Covid-19 Information

At Level 2 we will implement social distancing and compulsory tracing measures which will have the effect of restricting numbers to each event. At Level 2.5 or Higher we will move this event to be delivered online. Decisions will be made and implemented immediately on receiving the news. Festival COVID-19 Information ›

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