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COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Auckland Pride’s plan to protect our communities against COVID-19 and prepare our Festival for Alert Level Changes.

Auckland Pride’s COVID-19 Plan:

Auckland Pride is committed to delivering a Festival that keeps the health and safety of our community at the heart. Every decision that we, and our event organisers make, will be with your safety in mind.

In 2021 the Auckland Pride Festival was impacted by two lockdowns in response to community cases of COVID-19, and our response to those two lockdowns was regarded as industry-leading. Because of the ongoing threat of variants, and the Government continuing to follow an elimination strategy alongside vaccination of the population, we are preparing our response once again to ensure we’re prepared incase a change in Alert Levels is needed to stamp out COVID-19 in the community during the Festival.

With this response, we ensured the safe execution of every Auckland Pride event in 2021, we had high compliance with contact tracing, and were in regular contact with health officials. Our response is once again about the safety of our participants, and our wider communities. We have done this before successfully, and with our event organisers and community on board with our response we know we can do it again.

Once again, our plan will revolve around every Festival event having a contingency plan for each Alert Level. These plans will be rolled out as necessary, and communicated by Auckland Pride soon after a change in Alert Levels. This information will be found here, and on the individual event listings. We continue to ask our communities to stay vigilant at Alert Level One, by getting vaccinated, staying home if sick, and using the COVID Tracer App.

Auckland Pride will continue to work with the COVID-19 All of Government Response Group with assets and advice to ensure that we are doing all we can to prevent a resurgence of COVID-19 in the community during the Auckland Pride Festival. We will continue to plan extensively with contingency plans, contracts and agreements, resources and support, and a timeline with which to support our decision making.


For Festival Event-Goers

To make Pride unstoppable, we need your help again! We need you to continue to take the steps in Alert Level One that keep us safe, and could prevent more severe, prolonged restrictions in the event of an outbreak. Get a COVID-19 vaccine, stay home and get a test if you’re sick, and use the NZ COVID Tracer App to scan QR codes and turn on Bluetooth Tracing.

At every Pride event you go to, we need you to register in advance or buy a ticket, scan the QR code of the venue or event, and have your bluetooth tracing turned on. These simple but effective measures ensure that we can safely trace, isolate, and test members of our community if necessary. Getting vaccinated is strongly encouraged but not required to attend an Auckland Pride event.

Ultimately, this is about more than the festival. This is about the overarching safety and wellbeing of our communities. We saw the vicious outpouring of homophobia in South Korea after a person infected with COVID-19 visited gay bars – so these measures protect us, our communities, and all of Aotearoa. These simple measures that you can take keep us all safe, and allow us to have another incredibly successful Auckland Pride Festival.

For Festival Event Organisers:

Auckland Pride has refreshed our How To Plan a Pride Event in a Pandemic resource for event organisers. It provides updated advice based on our response in 2021, and centres around three key principles: Plan ahead, be transparent, and be consistent. You can read the guide here:

How to Plan a Pride event in a Pandemic›

All event organisers must follow the NZ COVID-19 Event Sector Voluntary Code in the execution of their event, must have registrations/tickets available in advance of the event, display NZ COVID Tracer QR Codes, and have a plan for their event if Auckland has to move up Alert Levels.

Individual events will have their COVID-19 contingency plans available on their event listing on the Auckland Pride Website. Event organisers will largely follow these in the event of moving Alert Levels but are subject to change. All changes to events will be listed in a media release, and updates will be provided in the COVID-19 section of the event listing that will specifically mention the relevant change in Alert Level.

Latest Updates:

Latest updates regarding COVID-19 will appear here and in our Media Centre. For the latest advice on COVID-19 visit the Unite Against COVID-19 Website. To see our response to COVID-19 throughout this year’s Festival visit the 2021 Festival website.


Photograph courtesy of Sam Sutherland, Graphics from the COVID-19 All of Government Response Group.

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